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Diane's goal is to help horses and people find a relationship that is fun, beneficial, and healthy for all parties involved.
When we honor the emotional, mental, and physical aspects of the horse relationship, then there are logical and progresive steps to be taken toward the goals........smooth gait, correct gait, longevity, and calmness.
Diane started riding horses in Montana as a girl. She did rodeo, pleasure, ranch work, showing........some on smooth gaited horses and some on walk/trot horses........YES, even rodeo on a Tennessee Walking Horse.
Diane moved to Calgary, Alberta in 1980 to work as trainer, instructor, and breeding manager of then the largest Tennessee Walking Horse farm in Canada. It was while in Canada she helped develop and write the first dressage tests for Tennessee Walking Horses. She competed and won the first judged TWH dressage shows in 1987 and 1988. Her last year in Canada, the horses that she trained and or showed at the 1988 Canadian Walking Horse Futurity made a land-slide win taking home firsts and championships from weanlings up through 3 year olds. The farms stallions and mares were honored for their offspring.
While in Canada, she helped introduce the Tennessee Walking Horse into the Competitive Trail Riding scene and competed successfully for 5 years.

Back in the States, Diane turned her focus to learning more about the overall relationship and wellness of horse and rider/handler. This aspect has taken her into the study of biomechanics, nutrition, disease, feet, teeth, saddle fit, bits........a holistic approach to a progressive and fulfilling life and relationship.
Diane has been honored to work under the guidance of many at the forefront of awareness for the horse: Pearl Tompkins (forefather of Tennessee Walking Horse in the NW), Monty Foreman, Sally Swift, Peggy Cummings, Linda Tellington-Jones, Robin Hood, David Genadek, Doug Smith, Dr. David Whitaker...and many other focused, insightful horse professionals who are following the quest for knowledge of the horse.
Diane has owned, trained, and instructed many Tennessee Walking Horses to National Versatility Awards.
Diane's Thoughts on the Gaited Horse
Gaited horse owners have been told for years that shank bits, long toes, weighted shoes, cutback saddles and action devices can correct a horse's gait. Diane's philosopy is a more natural approach, based on balance and elastic connection between horse and rider. She says "anything else is a quick fix, throwing the horse into just enough imbalance that is has to do some form of a four beat gait. Both the horse and rider end up stiff and sore.
Smooth gaited horses are bred with wonderful disposition and to give us a smooth gait. We must take the responsibility to help them find self-carriage to allow the natural gait and nature to come through.
Freeing up and allowing the natural abilities of any breed to express themselves is what Connected Riding is all about.  We must take the responsibility to help the horse.

Diane's Expertise

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"Diane is a dedicated educator who is extremely committed to her students' progress and to the well-being of flat shod walking horses. I have the highest respect for her contributions to the horse world."
- Peggy Cummings
Founder of Connected Riding

“Diane has a wonderful sense of humor, but don’t be fooled, she is very serious about horses.It is rare to find someone who has such a depth of equine knowledge, is excellent in teaching both the horse and rider, and allows her expert evaluations and instruction to be fun.”
-Student/Clinic Coordinator