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Diane Sept - Links

Below are links to sites that we recommend.

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Advanced Biological Concepts


Diane's Expertise

• Connected Riding
• Gaited Horses
• Certified Instructor
• Trainer
• Clinician
• Judge
• Consultations
• Lessons
• Clinics


"Diane is a dedicated educator who is extremely committed to her students' progress and to the well-being of flat shod walking horses. I have the highest respect for her contributions to the horse world."
- Peggy Cummings
Founder of Connected Riding

“Diane has a wonderful sense of humor, but don’t be fooled, she is very serious about horses.It is rare to find someone who has such a depth of equine knowledge, is excellent in teaching both the horse and rider, and allows her expert evaluations and instruction to be fun.”
-Student/Clinic Coordinator