• Training


Diane offers a variety of training; groundwork, riding, driving. She works with your horse to be balanced which frees up and allows the natural ability of any breed to expres itself. By understanding the mechanics of the horse we can work with the horse to athleticize him.

Diane approaches working with a horse from a holistic standpoint. She considers nutrition, health, equipment, feet, teeth and environment. Once evaluated, there are a variety of approaches available to choose from to help the horse.

clinic• Clinics
At clinics Diane demonstrates riding from the inside to the outside for gaited or walk trot horses. She teaches you a new body awareness and comfort, empowering you to improve your horse's movement while letting go of the compressive, energy draining techniques. The elements Diane uses are evolved from TTEAM, COnnected Riding, Centered Riding, Feldenkrais and other disiplines. Diane teaches through short lectures, balancing participants in the saddle, ground exercises and riding in small groups. 

lessons• Lessons
Diane offers a unique opportunity to expand and sharpen your riding skills and knowledge of horses. Diane is a certified senior instructor with "Connected Riding®. She has the ability to analyze and quickly improve the riding style of her students by coaching them toward self carriage. Diane gives private lessons by the hour or per individual requests and needs.

judging• Show Judging
Diane is a licensed judge with the Independent Judges Accociation. She judges many open, 4-H and Smooth Gaited Breed Horse shows.